Willie's Redneck Time Machine by John Luke Robertson and Travis Thrasher

Willie's Redneck Time Machine

Goodreads Synopsis:

In this four-book juvenile fiction series featuring the popular Robertson family of Duck Commander and written by Phil's grandson John Luke Robertson (with Travis Thrasher), readers are invited to participate in the zany fun of the Duck Commander world. After a few chapters, readers can choose to go down different paths--all filled with humor and life lessons.In this volume, Willie finds a mysterious wooden crate in the Duck Commander warehouse. Only John Luke is around, so the two of them open up the box and find a strange device. It turns out it's a time machine that looks a bit like an outhouse. Willie and John Luke test out the machine and find themselves journeying back and forth in time. They have crazy adventures but know they need to make it back to West Monroe. But will they make the right choices to get back at the right time?


I have to admit, I was pretty excited when I found this book in the stacks. Duck Dynasty is a show I find vastly amusing and a "Choose Your Adventure" style book starring the Robertsons sounded like a good time to me. This was my first time reading this style of book and I discovered that it is not my favorite. This is a purely personality based judgment. I am a goal-driven individual and relish being able to measure progress, even in a book I absolutely love! (This is one reason why e-readers will probably never work for me.) In this particular format, there is absolutely no way to measure progress. Additionally, I have to read every single page in a book to feel like I can mark it "Read" in Goodreads. (Because, of course you haven't actually read a book unless it's on your Goodreads...)   In order to complete "Willie's Redneck Time Machine," I had to thumb through every page of the book to make sure I had followed all the storylines. With that being said, I can absolutely see the draw to this style. It is perfect for reluctant readers and for kids who enjoy a fast paced read!  As far as writing quality goes, this one isn't winning any awards, but the plots were so entertaining, I actually did not care that much about the quality of the writing. One final note: one of the stories continues in another book in the series and I thought that was kind of cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater...
And the verdict on "Willie's Redneck Time Machine?" Three out of five ducks. Quack.

Go read this book. It's very fluffy, but so amusing!

Are you a fan of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" style? What are some of your favorite books or series in this format? 


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