Jinx by Sage Blackwood

Mark Twain Nominee Monday! 

By Sage Blackwood 

The Story

The Urwald is the only place Jinx has ever known. Dark and mysterious, the tall trees of the Urwald are home to menacing werewolves, werebears and trolls, devious witches, and sinister wizards. Even as a young boy, Jinx knows about the Truce of the Path: You are protected as long as you remain on the path. But one day his cruel stepfather takes Jinx off the path, intending to leave Jinx to fend for himself. 

Just as Jinx is about to give up hope, he’s saved by a wizard named Simon.  As the years pass, Jinx begins to trust the wizard. 

 Although Jinx is kept safe and well-fed, he longs to explore the world. So after a terrible fight with Simon, Jinx sets out on a quest. Jinx’s life-changing journey takes him from the safety of Simon’s castle to ominous  home to the evil, bloodthirsty Bonemaster.  Jinx must now find a way home all while battling the most feared wizard of all. 

 Summary based off of : Chapter Book Explorer Blog

My Thoughts

I had a really hard time with this one. I usually enjoy fantasies, and I was really excited to try this one out. Sadly, I felt like this book was really slow!  I kept having flash backs to Disney's The Sword & the Stone. Does anyone else see Simon as Merlin? Or am I just crazy?

I know this is a series, but I didn't feel like this book had much of a climax. There was a lot of lead up to this adventure that Jinx goes on, but it takes more then half of the book to go on it. Once it got there, I felt like the book just flopped for me. I felt like nothing was resolved.

By the end of the book, he was off on another adventure. I just felt like there were so many plot holes that I fell through as a reader.

Even though I personally did not enjoy this book, I do think that it would be a fun fantasy book to recommend to young fantasy lovers.

Discussion Questions 

Jinx’s stepfather said Jinx was cursed.  Do you think Jinx is cursed? Did he bring misfortune to Simon & Sophie?

Why does Sophie live in Samara and not with Simon and Jinx?

In the book, Simon does many good and bad things. Is he a good person? Or is he an evil wizard?

Jinx thinks that it is important to travel to learn. What can you learn by traveling? What are some things you learned while traveling to a different place?

Jinx has a strange power to see emotions. Do you think this was useful? Would you want this ability? If you could chose any power, what would you choose?

What do you think Reven’s curse is? Why is he called the “Great Terror?” Reven robs Jix and then asks to travel with him. Why do you think that Jinx allowed him to come with him?  

Why did Jinx see Elfwyn before he met her? How did she help or harm Jinx?

Jinx can read emotions by the color of cloud around someone’s face. Can colors represent emotions? If so what are they?

If Jinx never left Gooseberry Clearing, how would he be different?

The Bonemaster says that knowledge is meant to be free for everyone. What are some ways that you can gain knowledge for free? Is this true?

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