Ava & Taco Cat

Ava and Taco Cat 
By: Carol Weston 

Release Date: April 7, 2015
Age Range: 8 and up 
Pages: 224 

Please note: Ava and Taco Cat is the second book in  the Ava and Pip series.

The Story 

Ava comes from a literary loving family. She is obsessed with palindromes and trying to find them in her everyday life. When her 11th birthday comes up, Ava wants nothing more than to have a pet cat. With the help of her sister and some careful persuasion, Ava is able to convenience her parents to get her a cat. Since Ava is obsessed with palindromes, she naturally names the cat Taco Cat.  Once Ava brings the cat home, she quickly discovers that having a pet is not what she imagined. The cat hides under the couch, won't let anyone pet him, and even gets sick. Just as Taco Cat starts to adjust, a lady shows up at Ava's household and claims that Taco Cat is hers. Ava must try to navigate the ways of pet ownership and save Taco Cat! 


Being a cat lover, I had to snuggle close to my cat and read this book.

This was a heart warming tale of an 11 year-old girl and her quest to try and get her parents to get her a pet cat. I felt like I related to the character in this aspect & I think a lot of readers will too. I found it to be really cute, and I did enjoy the literary discussions and creative writing tops within the book.  


When I try to find an audience for this book, I really struggle.
 To me, I felt like this book would have been best if it was written at a lower reading level, but it is written in a way that it would be more appropriate for kids that are older.

With all of the literary puns and sayings within the book, I am not sure if this would have appeal.
Perhaps a young reader who is reading above their reading level may enjoy this book? Or a middle grader who has a passion for writing?

I will have to try and book talk it to my kids, and see if I have some takers!
Since it is about a cat, I do think that it could have some readers.

Either way, I do think it has some merit and would make a great family book. It would be the perfect opportunity for adults to discuss the meanings of some of the words (like palindromes) and the responsibility of having a pet.

My cat, Dexter, gives it two paws up.

- Pamela 

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