Monster High

I decided to try something new last week, and try to do a Monster High Program. I was excited! I watched the movies, read the books, and looked up the new live action movie coming in 2015. After all of this careful planning... I had one person show up.

My one person, was a huge fan. Having that one person excited for the program, made the program a success for me, but I wish I had more.

I am finding it difficult to get grade school students to come to programs at the library. I have noticed that my library gets a high grade school audience in the summer, but during the school year it is low.

I chose to do Monster High because I have noticed it on a lot of school bags, toys, and TV commercials. My program was aimed at tweens and grade school, but maybe I had the wrong audience.

 I want to do something a little different. I feel like my tweens constantly ask for Percy Jackson and Harry Potter, but I need something outside of this.

What are you doing at your library? Do you have trouble getting a grade school / tween audience during the school year too?