Blood Will Tell by April Henry

Blood Will Tell 
By: April Henry 


The Story 
This story follows three different perspectives Nick, Ruby, and Alexis. All three are apart of a young Search and Rescue group that partners with the police. Nick loves his position on the Search and Rescue team and hopes that it will help give him the experience he needs to join the military someday. When a woman is found murdered down the street from Nick, however, he quickly becomes the prime suspect. Can Ruby and Alexis help Nick clear his name? Or is Nick a Killer? 
April Henry masterfully weaves together an exciting murder mystery story for reluctant readers. 

Favorite Quote 
"Technology's only as good as the human beings interpreting it."

In Summary 
This book is part of the "Point Last Seen" series. Even though it is part of a series, it stands well on its own. I did not read the previous book and was able to easily follow along. 

For readers advisory, I might only note these things: 

+This is great for reluctant readers. Even though the cover might not appeal to boys, there are different viewpoints from a boy and girl perspective that might appeal to a wide range of readers

+Great for readers who are interested in criminal investigation & this could pair well with nonfiction titles or unit on crime scene investigation. It  briefly describes Locard's exchange principle,  the concept of trace evidence, the Ted Bundy Serial Killer case, how police cast tracks. and killer profiles such as the Sociopath.

+There is a scene where Nick visits someone in prison who details the horrors of war to try and talk the character out of enlisting in the military. This could offend some readers, but does help to provide a realistic approach of  the realities of war that might get teens to think about before they enlist.

+The killer is revealed pretty quickly. His perspective is included within the story. Although there is still a little bit of a twist, this could turn some readers away.

+There is a little bit of gore. It is appropriate, but there is a scene where a girl gets hit by a truck and she breaks her leg to a point where the bone is showing. This could make some reader's uncomfortable. There is also some other scenes similar to this one, but please note this is natural for a plot such as this one.
Given this, I might only recommend this to ages 12 and up.

Overall, this was a fun summer read. I only note these things to help me to pair this book to the best reader.

April Henry is a favorite of both myself and my library tweens!


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