Dumplin' by Julie Murphy

It is Teen Thursday! 

Since tweens are at all different kinds of maturity levels, I am always on my toes reading whatever I can to assist me in reader's advisory.

With school, I am a little behind! I finally got to this gem of 2015.

By: Julie Murphy 

The Story 

Willodean (or Will for short) has nothing in common with her mother. Her mother is skinny and is a pageant winner of 1997. Will is curvy and has no desire to enter a pageant. That is until she meets Bo. Will meets Bo at a local fast food restaurant where she works. The two develop a quiet relationship, but as they get closer, Will gets more insecure. If only Will’s Aunt Lucy was around. She would know exactly what to do. One night when Will is in Lucy’s old room, she comes across an application to enter the local beauty pageant. Knowing that Lucy didn’t enter the pageant because of her weight, Will decides she must enter in memory of her Aunt, but by entering it it causes a whole new mess. In a big Texas way,  author Julie Murphy explores what confidence is all about.

The Author

This book was as refreshing as a glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day. I adored it. It reminded me a lot of Sarah Dessen's book Keeping the Moon. I have savored it all week long dreading its end. 
My only complaint is that  I did feel mislead by the publisher's book description of this book. I was expecting the entire book to about a plus size woman entering a beauty pageant, but really only the last 100 pages deals with this issue. 
This book is more about the character accepting her aunt's death and each part of herself. What I loved most was how the character slowly accepted these aspects of herself that she wasn't confident about. Such as her relationship with with best friend EL & boyfriend Bo. 
It is beautifully done, and I wish I could put it all of my teen girl's hands. 
I recently heard that Disney bought the movie rights & they are turning this book into a movie! I am very excited and slightly nervous to see the results. 
Until then, I am left looking at the pile of books I need to read for this week, and I am not sure what to read next. I am reluctant to leave Clover City. What are you reading? 
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- Pamela

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