Movies Your Tweens Are Excited About

It is almost here! 

 As I prepare for summer reading, I like to get caught up on my pop culture. 

I really try to strive to stay up on the latest movies, tv shows, and pop culture, but sometimes I feel like I can't keep up. This is especially true during summer reading. 

To prepare, I put together a list of  movies that are releasing this year that your tweens may ask you for. I realize it is a long list, but it is perfect for all of your procrastination needs. ;)

Teen Beach 2 

The Descendants

These two movies are TV movies that will premier on the Disney Channel. 

Inside Out 





(This will also be a Disney Jr. cartoon)

The Peanuts

Ratchet and Clank

I have never heard of this video game before....but now they are making it into a movie?! 


This movie is releasing for the first time in the United States and it 

'Frozen' Wins Grammy

Sorry guys....Frozen is here to stay. It was just announced that a Frozen Tv show will premiere next year. Are you ready for this? 

....but don't think that Nickelodeon is sitting out. Here are a list of some new Nick Shows to be on the look out for: 


Check out these movies coming out in the future! I am already excited. 

Could it be true?...Yes, a Goonies sequel! 



Lego Batman gets his own movie!!! & in 2018 a Lego movie 2 will be released. 

Coming in 2017
Image result for captain underpants movie

The Underpants finally gets a place on the big screen. I can't wait to advertise this one! 

What are you most excited about? 


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