Cinderella Program

The Inspiration

The minute I heard Disney was creating a live-action Cinderella movie, I began counting down the days until its release. Naturally, I decided it would be absolutely necessary to host a tween Cinderella themed program at the Library to celebrate!

The Program

Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures before or during the program and remembered after I had already begun the process of cleaning up. This was a station-based, primarily passive program. I set up five tables with various stations in our Story Hour Room, which is the department's main programming space.


  • Cinderella and fashion related books to check out
  • Clocks made from printables and old CD's 
  • Design Your Own Dress
    • This was a pretty open ended craft. I put out scissors, glue, different colors of paper, tissue paper, glitter, ribbons, and fashion books with pictures of various kinds of dresses.
  • Cinderella M.A.S.H.
    • Remember the match making game you played as kids? I created my own Cinderellafied/Disneyfied version that allowed Cinderella to honeymoon in exotic locales such as the Pride Lands and included Olaf as an option for Groom, Bridesmaid, and Pet. (Hey, we still all love Frozen and the kids thought it was funny.)
  • Which Disney Princess Are You?
    • Multiple choice quiz
  • Drawing 


Sometimes you have to count the success of a program in lessons learned rather than in patron attendance. This was one such program. For most of the program I only had two kids: one tween and one very young elementary schooler. However, both of these patrons seemed to enjoy themselves. Reflecting on the experience now, I believe I targeted the wrong age group. Since I assumed the new Cinderella movie would be reminiscent of Maleficent, I felt the tween age range would be appropriate. Based on my attendees, I now think it would be more appropriate as K-5 or all ages program.

What about you? What did you think of the movie? Have you tried Disney or fairy tale programming for tweens? We would love to hear from you!


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