Welcome Alyssa!

My partner in crime, Miss A., has joined me in my blogging world! I know I allusively talk about working with someone, but this is that awesome person. She is real & she does exist! 

I work with Alyssa on all of my tween programming & all things tweens at my library. Last summer, we collaborated and worked on a setting up regular summer programming for tweens entitled "Monday Madness." It was very successful & our experiences with tween programming was published in the February 2015 issue of VOYA. I am so thankful to work with this person. When working with tweens, you really need a buddy. I am so glad that Ms. A. is on my tween team.

Pamela & Alyssa tween power! 


  1. Thank you for all your support Sarah! We are slowly getting there lol

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Yes we could not do it without you!