The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Moonstone

The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Moonstone 
By Jordan Stratford

I want you to picture Sherlock Holmes 

Now picture a middle grade novel with two intelligent girls solving crime in London. 

You will get: 

Age Range- 8-12
Pages- 240 
Published- January 6, 2015

The Story 

The world's first programmer, Ada Bryon, and the world's first science fiction author, Mary Shelly, come together in a historical fiction story. Set in the early 1800s, the girls are thrown in tutoring lessons together. Ada, finds a liking to reading newspapers. She understands everything, but people. While reading the newspaper, Ada notices several stories on crimes in the area. This revelation gives the girls an idea.  They will start their very own detective agency. Their first case quickly comes about. A young women asks the girls to find out who stole a valuable family jewelry piece from her, but this will not be an easy case. The young women's maid already turned herself in for the crime, but the woman is convinced it was not the maid. Ada and Mary must clear the name of the innocent maid before the real thief gets away! 

My Thoughts 

I adored this book. What is better then history, mystery, and science? This is the perfect STEM book for kids. It is not too intimidating, and it has beautiful pictures throughout the book. I enjoyed the hint of a Sherlock Holms plot. It was a little predictable, but it did have some twists to make  it a little different. I also liked that it addressed that women can do more. It was empowering and something I want to give to all of my young tween girls. 

I hope to see more independent and intelligent lady characters in more middle grade books. This one screams girl power.

My only complaint is that I think it will only appeal to a small audience. I am thankful to have another exciting mystery story I can recommend for younger readers though. 


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