Library Yoda (Throwback Tuesday)

This is a post I posted back in 2013 at my other blog. I was reading back through my posts, but this one interview I did for school really redirected my library career. I had to do a school assignment for my undergraduate library degree. The assignment was to interview a school librarian. This was shortly after I was hired as a youth service assistant at my library. 

 I will never forget how much I learned from this individual. Without further adieu here is my really goofy 2013 self. I hope you find this advice as valuable as I did. 

September 2013 

Today, I got the privilege of interviewing a well respected school librarian. I did not think much of it. It was a school assignment, and I just kept thinking - its early. Of course I had a pumpkin flavored coffee in tow (amazing btw), but point is I was reluctant to do this.

 Then she started talking and I am all... awwwww!

It was one of those moments where you wish this amazingly talented person could beam you their power. She did, but it was less Yoda-e.  First off, I am an almost librarian and I cannot not quote a book. Ready? How about now? *Cue scroll* 

Exactly!!! Take a chance, chase a dream cause ur not guaranteed tomorrow! Get out there and live life with no regrets!

There is a point to this. I promise. So a little background! I work at a public library, and I did not think I could learn anything from a school librarian. Of course I was wrong. Lesson 1 of day: You learn the most valuable things from most unexpected people.  She starts talking, and I find out she is one of the heads of the library, and she was a president for a well respected library organization (our state library organization). Lesson 2 : The most successful people are modest people. These people are not going to rub in your face their success. The people who parade their success around are not someone you want to learn from.

                     Instead of wanting to talk about herself, this lady wanted to know about me. 

Need a pick me up?  Just look at the baby with a watermelon hat.  I know I'm feeling better!

I probably looked something like this. I am at a cross roads in my life & it meant a lot she wanted to know about me. Not too many strangers want to know about where you came from, your job, boyfriend, and cat stories.

 She listened to me go on, and on, and on. Finally, after my long slightly psychotic ramble ... she stops me. She started to give me advice & she really lifted me up. 

1. She commended me on having my job. For those of you out there, good job! She talked about how important finding something you love, and doing it is. You are going to do something better if you love it. I have found it... finally! Cheeeckkk 

2. Next, she went in to how important collaboration is. No matter what field you are working in: join professional organizations, get involved, talk to other professionals! In addition, stay connected to the community. 

3. Know your users. No matter what you do, this is important. For example, if you were a teacher, you have to know your students. You have to know how they learn to best to teach them. You also need to have that relationship with them. Know their favorite t.v. shows or books. Knowing who are working with is often not given the importance it should. 

4. Go where you feel led to go. I was feeling torn about some things in my life, and she broke it down. If you want to go international. Go. Down south? Do it. Wanna stay here? We have a place for you. Never feel like you have to go some where for a job or what ever reason. Things will work out how they should 

5.  She went on to give me some leadership advice. Do not get angry. In fact, laugh it off. Negate the conversation in a group. The group will work problems out on their own. All you need to do is to listen and direct the conversation. In regards to complaints, listen. It is a habit to get mad and fight back. If you are at work and someone starts yelling, stop and listen. Generally, all they want is someone to listen to them. You generally do not have to do anything else. 

6. Finally, just do it! Now is the time to go after whatever your heart desires. If you want to be a writer, start writing. It can be scary, but do not live in the comfort of your life. With fear, there is growth. 

......& that concludes throwback Tuesday! 

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