The Illogical Valentine's Day Party

It is programming Saturday! 

Last week my tween partner in crime Miss A and I partnered to give our tweens something to do on Valentines day. 

What better way to do that then an Alice and Wonderland tea party? 

Like our last program, this program was low prep. 
Our main selling point for the tweens? Food 

We got Walmart sugar cookies on sale (about $2 for a dozen). For the actual tea party we just used  English Breakfast Tea that we found at Walmart as well. The total cost of this program was about $8. I don't know about you, but when you can find a program that is cost efficient that makes your tweens happy, it is a win! 

After we got the tea and cookies set up, Miss A. and I set out a few deck of cards on one table and some crafts on the other. We did not have too many crafts for this program. We thought that the tweens would mainly want  to talk and eat (they did). 

The crafts we did have were : 

We used the directions in the link above, but we modified it be Disney silhouettes. The kids used computer paper to put the strips of magazines on, and then we placed another computer sheet with the Disney silhouette over it. We finished it by placing a piece of contact paper over it.  I wish I had pictures for you, but I always get carried away talking with the kids that I forget. 

Alice and Wonderland Coloring sheets 

Coloring sheets tend to be really popular. I try to provide at least one for each of my programs. My tweens like to talk and do something simple. Having a simple coloring sheet out is a great outlet to give them something to do. 

Newspaper Hats  - Here is a cute tutorial of the hat

Granted, no one did the crafts....but they were there just in case!  We only had two younger tweens who wanted to color. The rest of the time, we played cards! 

I was amazed at how much the tweens loved sitting around eating and playing card games. They taught me a few new games that I never heard of, but it was a lot of fun. It just goes to show that sometimes the simplest things mean the most. 


I was really happy with the outcome of this program. I really enjoyed spending time with my tweens just playing games and talking. I had a blast. The only thing I wish I did was had less crafts. Sometimes, I tend to over prepare. I feel like you just never know what tweens will want, but I am glad I did have a few out just in case. This program made me realize that I need to have more games in my programs. I tend to just focus on crafts. Maybe I will do a game day next. 

What are you doing at your library? 

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