Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

Remember when I said I would read this in August? Ya, I finally read it! 

Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

Pages -336 
Age range- 8-12 years old 
Published- April 2014
Genre- Historical Adventure (with a little fantasy)
Themes- Social class, life, purpose, and love

Set in the 1900s in Canada, Boundless is about a boy named Will. Will has always wanted adventure. He longs for his dad's life building railroads & seeing Sasquatch. When he boards the Boundless train, Will gets what he has always wanted- adventure. On the Boundless train, holds a train car filled with treasures & someone is out to take it. Will figures out the plan to rob the train, and now  men are after him trying to murder him to keep him silent. Will finds refuge with the circus that is traveling on the train, but can Will trust them?  Nothing is what it seems. The only way to get help is to wait until the train stops. Until then, Will must stay alive and keep the treasure safe. 


This was an exciting adventure story. I do think this is a book suited for older tweens in middle school. It does have some swear words, a little romance, and violence that might be too much for some young readers. I did feel that at times this book was slow, but it was overall a good read. I enjoyed most that the story was set in Canada. This setting was a little bit different from the norm. It also had a lot of Canadian folk lore in it. I felt like this made it stand out from most reads. I think anyone who enjoys adventure will enjoy this historical adventure. 

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