The Night Gardener

I am on a quest to read some of the books on the short list for the Newbery Award. One book on this list is called The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier. I can see why this book is on the short list. It is beautifully written. 

Here is a quick overview. 

~The Story ~

The Night Gardener is set in the Victorian period in England. It is about two orphaned children named Molly and Kip from Ireland. They are separated from their parents on a sinking ship set out to the Americas. Molly and Kip's ship arrives in England and they must find a job and shelter, but no one will hire a crippled boy and his sister. That is, until they receive a job at a place that all the villagers whisper about. As they arrive to the house, they notice the house is built within and surrounding a tree. Both children get a feeling that something is not right, but they have no where else to go. They accept the job to help clean and maintain the grounds of the house for room and board. As they work, however, they begin to notice some strange things. There is a mysterious figure who roams the grounds at night,,,the villages call him the night gardener. The family that Kip and Molly work for are sick, and the doctors do not know what is wrong. Molly and Kip begin to think that the night gardener is the cause of this sickness, but they also begin to notice that the family gets whatever they wish for. As the family receives more wishes, the sicker they become. Molly even makes a wish, and she becomes sick too. Can the Kip and Molly figure out what is going on before it is too late? 

~Tween you and Me~

This book has incredible imagery. As you read this book, you will become apart of the story. Before you start this novel, make sure to clear your schedule.  You will get lost in its mystery and Auxier's incredible story telling abilities. 

Even though this dark book is not for everyone, it is a great pick for readers who enjoy books by Neil Gainman. Its dark and mysterious nature reminded me Neil Gainman's Coroline. I think this could be a potential read-alike for reader's who enjoy Goosebumps. This book is definitely more scary, but readers who like that style are sure to enjoy it. 

 All in all, the literary style makes this book memorable. I give it 4 1/2 stars! ....because it was legitimately creepy & I will never go near a large tree again. After reading it however, I hope it does get a Newbery Award. It is a rare find. 

I can't wait to read more books by Auxier. He is sure to be an award winner. I know he is in my book. 

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