Snicker of Magic by Natalie LLoyd

Happy Birthday Lewis Carroll! 

I am getting ready to do an "Illogical Alice and Wonderland Valentines Day" program, and I am excited to hear that today is this literary giant's birthday.  

Speaking of programming, I am going to switch my focus of this blog more on books.  Being a librarian, I read more books then do programming. To me, being knowledgeable about books is more important. One of my favorite books I read recently was: 

  A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd. 

Age range: 8-12
Pages: 320
Release Date: 02/25/2014

A Snicker of Magic is about a special 12 year old girl name Felicity Pickle. Felicity can see words all around her, and she takes it upon herself to collect these words. It comforts her, because her mother is cursed with a wondering heart. 

The Pickle family does not stay in one place very long. They are always on the move. That is, until Felicity's mother drives Felicity and her sister to her hometown of Midnight Gulch. 

Midnight Gulch just might be as special as the Pickle family. 

The town is rumored to have been magical. Felicity starts to feel at home, and she even makes a friend.

As the town history begins to unravel, however, Felcity finds that her family's curse is connected to the history of the town. Felicity must try and break the curse so she can stay in Midnight Gulch. 

This book is beautifully written, and the book is all about finding your voice. 

I think it could be enjoyed by kids of all ages. I found it to be a charming read. I think it would be great read for readers who enjoyed Because of Winn Dixie by Kate Dicamillo. 

The only thing I had a difficult time with was keeping track of the characters. Natalie does a wonderful job of spotlighting characters and creating a history of the town, but at times I had trouble remembering all of the characters. 

If you do read this book, I would suggest keeping a list of characters to refer to. Or, this might be a great read out loud as a family. That way there are more people to help you remember the characters! 

Overall, I would give this book 5 stars!

Even though I had trouble with the characterization, all of the characters had a purpose. I espcially loved the word play throughout the book. I felt like this novel was origonal and it was filled with  southern charm. Each chapter was like drinking a cup of sweet tea. It is sure to get many awards. I can see it on a lot of state award lists. 

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