Watch the Sky

Watch the Sky 
By: Kirsten Hubbard


Published: April 7, 2015
Pages: 275
Grades: 4 and up

The Story 

Something is coming. You just have to see the signs. Celeb, Jory’s stepfather says so. Celeb is former military and he overheard something while he was serving.  Out of all of the people in the world, Celeb chose Jory and his mom to protect. Together they picked a secluded farm to prepare for the end of the world. Along the way, the family adopts a girl by the name of Kit who wanders onto their property and shortly after Jory’s mom adds a new baby brother to the family.  
It seems like the family is complete, and Celeb runs the family on a tight ship to ensure order.

He instills in Jory that family is the only people you can trust. School is Jory’s only escape from Celeb’s tight grip. One day, Celeb sees the final sign. It the sign he has been waiting for. The world is coming to an end. To protect his family, the family sets up a schedule to build an underground bunker, but is the world really coming to an end?

Jory starts to make new friends at school and starts to question Celeb. His little sister does too. Jory must decide what to really  believe before Celeb put them in the bunker.

Favorite Quote

“When you spend so much of your life worried about the future…you forget to live.”


This was an exciting book. It captures the uncertainty of the future well. It left me wondering if maybe this story might turn into a science fiction! I quickly gobbled up this read in anticipation to see what would happen next. I think readers who enjoy problem novels could enjoy this one. It is a little bit different than the typical MG novel, and I think some readers (like myself) will appreciate that.


I was really disappointed by the ending of the book. I felt like the book leads up to this fantastic climax, and then the  book suddenly ends. There wasn’t much of a resolution.
I wanted to know more about Jory and what happened afterward. Did he go to jail? How does the family get by now? What happened to Kit? Who is Kit? Was she even real?

These are just a few of the many questions I have.  

Overall, this book was a little different. I enjoyed the plot, and I become invested in Jory.  
I had flashbacks to the Y2K fiasco.

I will recommend this one to tweens who want a book outside the typical.  It would make a great book for a book discussion. There are just so many questions…..

Have you read this book yet?

What did you think ?


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