Stella by Starlight

Stella by Starlight 
By: Sharon M. Draper 

"If you are afraid, then those who foster hatred will win." 

The Story 

Stella lives in the segregated South; in Bumblebee, North Carolina, to be exact about it. Some stores she can go into.Some stores she can't. Some folks are right pleasant. Others are a lot less so. To Stella, it sort of evens out, and heck, the Klan hasn't bothered them for years. But one late night, later than she should ever be up, much less wandering around outside, Stella and her little brother see something they're never supposed to see, something that is the first flicker of change to come, unwelcome change by any stretch of the imagination. As Stella's community - her world - is upended,her family decides to fight. 

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This book gave a great depiction of segregation in the South. It details how different the schools were, differences in medical care, food, and the fear of the KKK. 

Ultimately, I just really appreciated hearing about the black experience, and I think that is what makes this book special. 

This book  reminds me a great deal of the the 1977 Newbery winner, 

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. 

For this reason, I think that it is a book worth reading and passing along to friends. 


I wasn't pleased with the ending. I know realistic fiction books are only supposed to showcase a small bit of a character's life, but it felt like it ended suddenly.

For instance when Dr. Packard's daughter falls into the pond and almost dies. Stella saves her, but the chapter ends. It doesn't describe what happens next. As a reader, I felt like there was a lot of tension built up with Dr. Packard, and I expected something big to occur, but nothing ever happened. 

It is possible that that author did it this way to portray the uncertainty and anxiety that members of the black community felt toward KKK members, but I felt like it needed something more to wrap up the loose ends. I would have loved to have seen an epilogue detailing Stella's journey and fight to become a writer & maybe even a showcase of the Civil Rights movement.  

I fell in love with this book, and wanted more. Can this be a series Ms. Draper, please? :) 

What did you think of this book? 


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