The Terrible Two

The Terrible Two 
By: Mac Barnett 

Release Date; January 13, 2015
Audience: Ages 8 and up 
Pages: 218

The Story 

Miles Murphy (the school’s best prankster) is forced to move to  the town of Yawnee Valley. Since it is a boring town, Miles Murphy expects school to be nothing less. He will easily be the school's best prankster in no time. As he arrives to school on his first day, he quickly finds he not the only prankster. Someone has blocked the school’s entrance with the principal's car! This sets into motion a hilarious battle of wits between Miles and the mysterious prankster. As they try to out prank each other, they quickly learn that sometimes it is better to work together.

The Book Trailer 


This is a hilarious book that it is filled with entertaining pictures. I found its humor to be witty and to appeal to all ages. I even thought it was clever that the author sprinkled facts about cows throughout the book. What a great idea for a book pairing!


This was fluffy and pretty predictable. The only thing I really didn’t like was the adults aspect, but perhaps this is some of the appeal to kids. 

Overall, I think this one will be great for fans of Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It is one fast and funny read!

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- Pamela 

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