Book Scavenger

The Book Scavenger 

By Jennifer Chambliss Bertman 

Release Date: June 2, 2015
Audience- Grades 4-6
Pages- 354

"...Not all book people are good people. Don't mistake shared interest with shared ethics."

The Story 

Garrison Griswold is a famous book publisher who started a world famous book game called Book Scavenger. On his way to announce his new game, he is gunned down and is seriously hurt. Meanwhile a twelve- year- old year girl named, Emily, moves to San Francisco. She is a Book Scavenger and is Garrison Griswold's biggest fan. When Garrison doesn't show up to give an announcement, Emily begins to worry. She decides to go on a Book Scavenge to try and find another book. While she is out, she stops by the place where Mr. Griswold is shot, and discovers a mysterious book that is hidden away. Assuming it is part of the game, Emily takes the book. With this simple act, she unknowingly makes some dangerous enemies. More importantly, she also starts to play Mr. Griswold's new game.

It is up to Emily to save the treasure that Mr. Griswold has hidden away in the game before it is too late.


The biggest strength of this book is that it will appeal to many middle grade readers.
The family relationships and Emily's love for books and puzzles set a nice tone for the book, but of course not many can resist a book about treasure hunts!
With the treasure hunt and the mystery surrounding it, I know I can put this in the hands of both my girls and my boys, and they will love it. It is the perfect Mr. Lemoncello's read alike.

Perhaps, in the next one we can have a crossover?


 I wish that the secondary characters were more developed.  Mr. Quisling and Maddie are minor characters, but their role in the book felt almost unnecessary at times. It didn't feel like it helped to move the story on, and this personally bothered me. I especially felt like the competition between Maddie and James was unnecessary.

I don't think my middle grade readers will notice this though!

I think that many reader's will get caught up in its exciting plot to find the treasure.

I foresee this one being a favorite of both teachers and librarians.

For reader's advisory, I would recommend this book to reader's who enjoy adventure  & mystery stories.

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