We Need OLD Books!

I recently read a very thought provoking article that draws attention to the differences between what middle schoolers were required to read 100 years ago and what they are required to read today. The differences in language, structure, and overall literary quality are astonishing. Before continuing this post, please read the article.

I cannot stress to you enough the need for balance in a student’s literary education. Modern literature is fine, (although in my humble opinion, most of it is sub-par in comparison to much of the literature of yesteryear.) Certainly, I agree that students should be reading modern novels and that the reading of such tomes should be encouraged and even required (to an extent) in a child’s education. However, the current list of books presented in the article today contained almost no antiquated or even remotely aged books! 

It is imperative that tweens are given exposure to the old as well as the new to give them a more well-rounded perspective of life through the lens of history. In view of this, I will be starting a new series called “Throwback Tweens Read Thursdays.” It will be identical to our current “Tweens Read Thursdays” with this exception: all books reviewed will be at least 30 years old. My vintage soul is exceedingly excited about this! 

Check back with us, because our first “Throwback Tweens Read Thursdays” will be a delicious middle grade fairy tale. (And incidentally, a favorite of mine…)

Until then,


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