When Mischief Came to Town by Katrina Nannestad

Goodreads Synopsis

In the tradition of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and PIPPI LONGSTOCKING comes a heart-warming novel about love, family, grief, joy and the power of laughter and imagination. When Inge Maria arrives on the tiny island of Bornholm in Denmark to live with her grandmother, she's not sure what to expect. Her grandmother is stern, the people on the island are strange, and children are supposed to be seen and not heard.   But no matter how hard Inge tries to be good, mischief has a way of finding her. Could it be that a bit of mischief is exactly what Grandmother and the people of Bornholm need?


First of all, isn't the cover gorgeous? I was in love from the moment I saw it...
 Poor Inge Maria. She doesn't mean to cause trouble, (well, most of the time,) but mischief is determined to find her. If you are searching for a book fraught with hijinks and short, humorous accounts, When Mischief Came to Town is the story for you. The quirky writing is both occasionally shocking (perhaps due to cultural differences) and charming. Nannestad weaves a tale reminiscent of Pollyanna and Pippi Longstocking, that is simply hilarious. There are very few books that make me laugh out loud, but this was one of them! I found several incidents rather disturbing, such as Henry the turkey's almost early demise. In addition, Grandmother's parental skills are cold and fairly questionable in the beginning. Furthermore, Inge Maria is never truly made to face consequences for her not-always-innocent actions. However, the humor and heart of this story overcome most my misgivings and I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a good laugh!

Disclosure: I read an Advanced Reader Copy received from the publisher.

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