Hello friends, 

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I hate how far behind I have gotten on updating my blog! Please forgive me. I graduate with my MLIS in December, and I feel like that is all I have time for. I have not forgotten about tweens! 

I am currently working on a Beauty and the Beast Escape room. The program is still a few weeks away, but does anyone have any tips for a good escape room? 

I will be planning on sharing a post with my plans and a recap of how it went! 

As a library, I am currently in the process of planning for Summer Reading. 
I am obsessed with Steven Universe so of course I had to do a program with that! I am also planning to do a Percy Jackson and a LARP Mars program. 

This past month, I became a teen librarian! My focus has shift a little bit, but I still work with all ages. In fact, I just did a baby story time this morning, but it is my hope that I can share more programming from my middle school tweens. 

What kinds of programming are you doing for this summer? 

I will continue to update with my passive programs and book reviews soon!